Analytical chemistry

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Analytical chemistry

Analytical chemistry is the study of the separation, identification, and quantification of the chemical components of natural and artificial materials.

Classical methods

Classical methods
  • 1 Qualitative analysis
    • 1.1 Chemical tests
    • 1.2 Flame test
  • 2 Quantitative analysis
    • 2.1 Gravimetric analysis
    • 2.2 Volumetric analysis
    • 2.3 Electroanalytical methods
    • 2.4 Spectroscopic methods

Qualitative analysis

A qualitative analysis determines the presence or absence of a particular compound, but not the mass or concentration. By definition, qualitative analyses do not measure quantity.

Quantitative analysis

In analytical chemistry, Quantitiative analysis is the measurements of quantities of substances produced in reactions rather than simply noting the nature of the reactions.

Gravimetric analysis

Gravimetric analysis methods determine the mass of analyte or some compound chemically related to it. In other word, gravimetric analysis is the quantitative analysis process of chemical substances by weight. 

Volumetric analysis

Volumetric analysis is quantitative analysis  of liquids or solutions by comparing the volumes that react with known volumes of standard reagents, usually by titration; in other word, the determination of the concentration by volume of a substance in solution, as by titration.